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How are you honoring yourself?

January has been a slow start for me. In December, I thought that I would have all of my ‘ducks in a row’ and everything ready in my life and business for January 4th, but that just didn’t happen. I am not where I hoped I would be right now and that is ok. (Let me say that again- it’s ok for me to not have reached my deadline with everything perfectly in order).

While this may sound strange coming from a life coach, I have learned over the past few years that to be the best version of myself (in all that I do), I must honor where I am each and every day. That I am not forcing myself to ‘plow ahead’/’forge on’ etc when I am exhausted or stressed out. That I am taking the time to check in with myself each and every day- noticing how I am feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, and energy-wise. Am I running on empty or full?

And, then working according to what is coming up for me and the capacity that I have to do the work.

Like many others, I spent years NOT listening to myself. I was the person who had perfect attendance throughout school and in my earlier careers (heck, I even won prizes/awards because I had zero absences). But, does that mean that I wasn’t sick, tired, or burned out? No, it just meant that I was willing to compromise myself/sacrifice myself to ‘be the best’/’get ahead’.

Now, life has taught me a lesson or two (or let’s be real, more like 200…) on this, I am choosing to do things differently. I have been working on taking account of where I am at each and every day so that I can be the best entrepreneur (aka Boss B*tch), wife, and person I can be.

What does that look like for me to honor myself in this way? It means that I sleep when I am tired, I have hobbies and interests outside of work, I spend time building my community and relationships so that we may support each other, I take our dog, Lou, for walks and I have morning practices that support me throughout the day.

So, I would like to check in with you, how are you honoring yourself each and every day- when you are building your life, your family, your business, and your career? Are you creating your life in a way that puts you first and allows you to take care of yourself while you are doing it? Are you filling up your cup first?

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