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Reiki means "Universal Energy" and is a system of energy healing that is good for stress reduction, relaxation, and sleep. 

Sessions are offered as distance sessions and are available over Zoom or the phone.


For these sessions, we ask that the client sit or lay down in a quiet, safe space where they are able to relax. 

**Please do not drive, operate machinery, or try to do activities that require full focus and attention.

What we offer:

30-minute Distance Reiki Session $68.25

60-minute Distance Reiki Session $105

Image by Milada Vigerova


For those interested in practicing Reiki themselves, we offer a variety of classes over Zoom. 

All classes are currently taught by a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher who was trained by William Lee Rand of the International Centre for Reiki Training (ICRT).

Classes offered include:

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Level I Training

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Level II Training

Usui/Holy Fire® III ART Training

Holy Fire® III Karuna® Level I

Holy Fire® III Karuna® Level II

Teacher training

Contact us to learn more or to sign up for our next class

Image by Antonika Chanel
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