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Get to Know Me

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Janelle Stewart, ACC, ESFCD,

B.A. Psychology

Life Coach and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

I help clients to create space and time in their busy lives so that they can bring themselves back to center and put their air masks on before helping everyone else.

Over the last ½ decade working in the Health and Wellness field (and my own personal journey in self-development over the past 10 years) I have found that there is a desire/drive to “do” and always be “on” or moving forward.  But we often do not allow ourselves space to “just be”, to allow ourselves a moment to rest or to be out in nature ‘doing nothing”. 

Which is why I ask the questions, “What have you done today that’s just for you?”  Where have you taken the time or created the space to allow yourself to come back to center?  To just be ok who you are, as you are, without the to-do list and 800 million other things you have on your mind?

How long are you going to wait to make it happen and to live the calm, joyous life of your dreams?

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